Caregivers face one of the greatest challenges imaginable. A family member or friend gives up the life they knew in order to support and assist an ill or infirmed loved one.

None of us are truly prepared for the long and trying journey of Caregiving.

So many caregivers are faced with the challenges of bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, medication, and healthcare management, and yet so seldom do Caregivers get a chance to take a break or hear the words “you are appreciated.”

You are a caregiver if:

  • You provide personal care to help a loved one toilet, bathe, dress, eat, or move around.
  • You help a loved one with shopping, doctor’s appointments, finances, housework, and home repairs.
  • You are seeking information about services for your loved one.
  • You are seeking placement for your loved one.
  • You are helping your loved one manage healthcare, finances, appointments, and coordinating other services while you live an hour or more away.
  • You oversee the care of your loved one while they reside in a facility.
"caregiving is a difficult journey, don't travel alone."

"caregiving is a difficult journey, don't travel alone."