Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP)

Currently serving Avery, Mitchell, Watauga & Yancey counties.

Relative caregivers may face a variety of problems, such as legal, social, financial, emotional, marital and physical health, in their efforts to raise a grandchild,  younger sibling, niece or nephew.

RAPP is now recognized in the High Country as the leading resource for providing support, education, and advocacy for grandparents and relatives raising children. Our monthly RAPP sessions provide a warm and supportive atmosphere. Activities include various workshop topics as well as outreach and advocacy issues.

Available Services includes:

  • Monthly Support Groups

  • Information & Assistance

  • Educational Seminars

  • Legal Assistance

  • Financial Assistance with school related expenses

  • Resource Lending Library

  • Holidays for Kids

  • Recreational Activities

RAPP meets monthly.  Food is provided along with specialized activities for the children.  

Our services are available to any relative caregiver in Avery, Mitchell, Watauga & Yancey counties who has taken on the responsibility of raising a minor child. Participants plan an integral role in the design and success of the program.


Day Break (Group Respite)

Day Break is a group respite program that uses a social-model to provide group respite for caregivers and their care recipients. The model is intended to provide care recipients with opportunities to enjoy social and recreational activities in a safe and secure environment.

This model seeks to acknowledge and build on an individual’s existing strengths and maximize cognitive and social abilities, while allowing the caregiver resources, support, and a day of personal time.

Day Break is specifically targeted to caregivers of individuals with memory loss, forgetfulness, Alzheimer's, or other related dementia. Participants must be ambulatory and continent. Each application will be screened in order to gauge how suitable and beneficial the program could potentially be to the applicant.

Boone United Methodist Church on Mondays & Fridays and at Deerfield Ridge Assisted Living on Wednesdays

Support Groups


Seeking support and maintaining one’s own health are key to managing the caregiving years. by offering caregivers an opportunity to gather useful information and express their feelings and concerns in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Support groups lessen feelings of isolation through sharing and camaraderie.

Caregiver support groups are a wonderful way for caregivers to provide support for one another. Our support groups are offered throughout the region and in various settings in order to meet the needs of the group. Please contact us by clicking on the button below to ask about current schedules and offerings in the area.

Education, Information, Assistance, and Referral

Education, information, assistance, and referrals to appropriate health, mental health, legal and social services via telephone, mail, email, or in-person is offered through collaboration with the Family Caregiver Support Program’s regional Family Caregiver Support Specialist.

The High Country Area Agency on Aging can assist you with additional resources.


Workforce Education and Support: "Finding the Balance"

Caregiving affects all aspects of a person’s life and often leads to many challenges in the workplace. Many caregivers are forced to quit their jobs, reduce their hours, experience high absenteeism and forfeit career ambitions. Their income drops, their health suffers, and their stress levels rise. Employers are oftentimes at a loss when it comes to helping employees with elder care issues.

High Country Caregiver Foundation is here to help by offering the "Finding the Balance" educational and support program. We can offer resources to assist employees and help them to cope with the stress that comes with caring for relatives.

As a Purple Angel Ambassador, we are striving to educate and raise awareness of employers and the community to be less discriminating to those living with dementia and to recognize the symptoms and know what support can be offered. The High Country Caregiver Foundation has worked with many caregivers of loved ones with dementia and we are passionate about supporting family caregivers and those they care for who are dealing with dementia. 

Work site trainings can address Issues such as:

  • Caregiver stress

  • Conflict resolution

  • Dealing with change

  • Balancing work and family

  • Compassion fatigue

  • Improving family communication

  • Understanding Medicare and Medicaid

  • Community resources

  • Getting your affairs in order

  • Legal issues of interest to seniors and caregivers

  • Kinship caregiving and caring for the caregiver.

Employers that effectively manage elder care and work issues, reduce turnover and avoid costly absences due to elder care conflicts, minimize losses in productivity that result from distractions at work and stress-related health problems, control the cost of healthcare premiums by preventing stress-related injuries or illnesses, and improve job satisfaction by enhancing communication and understanding between supervisors and co-workers.


Faith-Based Services

Those in the midst of their caregiving journey, both the caregivers and those needing to be cared for, often feel cut off from their faith communities at the very time when they most need support. In order to address this need, the High Country Caregiver Foundation has developed a Faith Based Community Support Program to assist faith communities in the support for individuals and families dealing with caregiving issues. In addition, the program is dedicated to providing public awareness, advocacy, education and support to the region's faith-based communities regarding family and kinship caregiving.